08/27/2013 05:11 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2013

Pat Brady, Ex-Illinois GOP Chairman, Hired By ACLU To Lobby For Gay Marriage


The former head of the Illinois Republican Party has been hired by the American Civil Liberties Union to lobby for the state's same-sex marriage equality bill.

Pat Brady, who stepped down from his post this May amid controversy over his support for marriage equality, told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday he has been hired by the ACLU's Illinois chapter to talk about the bill with lawmakers -- and, not surprisingly, he'll be "concentrating on Republicans and like-minded people."

Brady told WBEZ he will also be tapping the political donors he grew close with over the four years he worked heading the state GOP.

And he's not too worry about any flak he might face from Republicans who remain opposed to same-sex marriage.

"I think the very core of the conservative movement, which I consider myself a part of, is application of equality under the law for all," he told the station.

The Illinois Senate approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the state in a historic Valentine's Day vote earlier this year and Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn is an outspoken supporter of the legislation. The bill stalled when it reached the more conservative state House, however, as the legislature's spring session came and went without a vote on the matter.

Progress yet this year on the bill appears possible, however.

Brady added to the Sun-Times he "think[s] there's a chance in the veto session" to pass the legislation, sending it the governor's desk for a signature.



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