08/30/2013 02:44 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2013

Bill Murray Helps David Letterman Celebrate 20 Years Of 'Late Show' With Liberace Costume (VIDEO)

David Letterman celebrated 20 years of hosting CBS's "Late Show" on Thursday night. To help commemorate the occasion, Bill Murray showed up as a special guest. But he didn't just show up, he was pushed onto the stage in a classic car, dressed like Liberace. It was such a spectacle that Celebuzz' Robert Kessler called it a "must-watch" before it even aired.

Staying in character, Murray turned to the crowd. "I love you audience, I love you. But I don’t have time tonight. ‘Cause I’m only here for one reason.” At this, he turned and pointed to Letterman.

Murray even had a special treat for Letterman. "I want them to see what we’ve got for Dave out in front, and it’s gonna be there as a monument forever," he proclaimed with pride.

It was an enormous billboard with a picture of Murray above the studio's marquee. In fine print were the words, "Wishes Dave A Happy 20th Anniversary." So really, it was all about Bill Murray. In a way, it makes sense. As the Hollywood Reporter noted, Murray's "appearance had historical significance as Murray appeared on Letterman's first 'Late Show' in 1993, and was also his first guest in 1982, when he was host of NBC 'Late Night.'"

After revealing the billboard, Murray proceeded to start tearing apart the set, cutting up carpet and jackhammering underneath. He said he was trying to recover a time capsule he'd supposedly buried under the chairs 20 years ago. Inside was a New York Post newspaper with a Jay Leno headline, along with a picture of Murray in an early appearance on the show and a few other items.

How many more years will it be "Late Show with David Letterman"? The late-night staple airs every weeknight at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.

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