09/02/2013 12:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lady Gaga Takes Off Wig Onstage At iTunes Festival (PHOTOS)

There's nothing wrong with experimenting with wigs to test out different hairstyles, as Lady Gaga have proven time and time again. But every so often, doesn't even Gaga want to ditch the high-maintenance pieces and embrace her natural hair?

Turns out she does. Gaga shed her wig onstage at the iTunes Festival in London on Sunday, telling fans she had been using "wigs and make-up" to "cover up the pain," reports the BBC.

She announced to the crowd:

"When I didn't feel strong enough to be me, I created someone else. And it worked. So here I am, the human underneath the wigs... This is my real hair."

And with that, she removed the wig to reveal... lovely, plain brown hair. Her natural tresses -- and the human beneath the wigs -- are pretty enviable all on their own.

Kudos, Lady Gaga, for feeling strong enough to go au naturel -- doesn't it feel great?

Without the wig:

lady gaga removes wig

With the wigs:

lady gaga removes wig

lady gaga removes wig

lady gaga removes wig

More transformations than Madonna:

Lady Gaga Style Evolution

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