09/03/2013 07:50 am ET

Biscuit Sandwich Recipes (PHOTOS)

How Sweet It Is

If you're not from the South, chances are you haven't eaten enough biscuits in your life. It's time to fix this. Now. Because biscuits are one of those foods that just make people happy. And, they're insanely good. Now, we're not talking Pillsbury biscuits here, but the real deal, homemade kind.

When you make a batch of biscuits, you'll find that you have a lot of biscuits on your hand. This is not a problem. First, you should eat a bunch straight from the oven. Then, you should make biscuit sandwiches from the rest. But not just any sandwich deserves a biscuit. Only the great ones do. Get the best biscuit sandwich recipes below.

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Biscuit Sandwiches