09/03/2013 11:22 am ET

‘Call Of The Wildman' Captures 500 Pound Crocodile In Backyard Pool (VIDEO)

On “Call of the Wildman,” “Turtleman” Ernie and Neil traveled south of the border to help wildlife teams in Mexico. One call led them to a woman’s backyard, where a 500 pound crocodile was swimming in her pool.

The duo had to remove the crocodile from the pool in order to set it free back in the wild. And that was no easy task.

"All things sharp moving on him at the same time, trying to mame and execute whatever’s in his path,” Neil observed. “He could break loose any moment," Ernie said.

This was Turtleman and Neil’s first croc capture ever. They helped the team release the beast -- named Croco Loco -- back into the wild.

Turtleman posted a pic of Croco Loco on Facebook -- and fans went wild, congratulating the guys on such an impressive capture.

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