09/03/2013 04:27 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2013

'Family Planning,' Vintage Disney Sex-Ed Film, Explains Almost Nothing

Sex ed... from a Disney film?

A 1968 animation short, "Family Planning," educates viewers on the problem of overpopulation and vaguely hints at the pills or "simple devices" that will allow couples to decide, "without affecting normal relations as man and wife... the number of children you will have, and when you will have them."

An animated Donald Duck takes viewers through a narrated presentation, showing how family planning can improve the lives of the "common man" and his family -- without sharing any actual details about how one should go about said family planning. The "common man" and his wife, who only speaks through whispering into his ear, are initially dubious but decide to "give it a try."

"The real measure of a man is not how many children he can produce, but how well he takes care of them," the narrator claims.

Watch the full video in all its glory above. (And be thankful you didn't get your sexual education from it.)

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CORRECTION: A previous version of this article claimed that Daffy Duck led the presentation in the animated video. It was in fact Donald Duck.



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