09/03/2013 07:15 pm ET

Kanye Ortiz, 9, Gives Away Autographed Football To Boy In Wheelchair (VIDEO)

Thousands have been touched by a Texas boy's gesture towards a disabled teen.

Nine-year-old Kanye Ortiz is a devoted fan of the Houston Texans and their defensive end, J.J. Watt. Earlier this month, he and his family attended one of the team's open practices and waited hours for an autograph from the star player.

But once Kanye finally had a signed football, he made an incredible decision -- he decided to give it away to a boy who couldn't get his own, KHOU reports.

Zuriel Sanchez, 15, also attended the open practice in hopes of having his ball signed by his football hero, but his wheelchair made it difficult to to get through the crowd.

"I saw that he had his football, but couldn't get it signed," Kanye told ABC. "Then I got mine signed so I felt really bad for him. So I'm like, man, I'm just gonna give my football away."

Zuriel, who suffers from a birth defect called spina bifida, wasn't expecting the generosity.

"No one had ever done that [for] me,” he told KHOU.

Kanye's mother, Cynthia Pina Ortiz, was also taken aback by her son's selflessness. She shared the story in a post on her Facebook account that soon went viral.

Story continues after post.

According to ABC, Zuriel now keeps the ball in a glass case in his room.

“If you do something nice for someone.. it will help you later on in life,” Kanye told KHOU. "If you be nice and generous, God will bless you for that.”

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