09/03/2013 04:03 am ET Updated Sep 03, 2013

'Mistresses' Shocker: Karen Betrayed By The Last Person She Would Ever Expect (VIDEO)

After the judge abruptly threw out the wrongful death lawsuit that Elizabeth had brought against Karen on "Mistresses," it looked like Karen's troubles were suddenly over. Little did she know that they were just getting started. While she was celebrating, someone in her life was turning her into the state board for misconduct.

After leaving the meeting with the board -- where her license was suspended for six months -- Karen was certain that it was Elizabeth. But a startling confession brought an even sadder truth, and even more bad news.

“I’m the one who turned you in, Karen," her business partner Jacob told her as she was packing up. "For months, Karen, for months, I have been sitting here like a jackass. Supporting you, trusting you. And this whole time you’ve been lying to my face?”

After telling her he could never trust her again, he told her that there would not be a job waiting for her at their practice when her suspension was up. Just like that, her whole professional world was over. Buddy TV's Esther Gim was shocked that Jacob would destroy her life so completely. "Basically, she's fired. And it's difficult to imagine anyone else even wanting to hire her, so who even knows where she'll go from here?” wrote Gim.

Over at TV Fanatic, though, Christine Orlando loved that it was Karen's partner who took her down. "He's had her up on a pedestal and that fall was a doozy," she wrote. "The anger in his eyes gave him away before he even confessed. Forget about a possible personal relationship.”

What will Karen do next? Find out as "Mistresses" continues on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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