09/03/2013 12:16 pm ET

Pam Oliver Concussion: Reporter Injured After Getting Hit In Head With Football (VIDEO)

Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver didn't sit out of the broadcast after getting hit in the head by an errant pass during warmups of an NFL preseason game back in August. She didn't know until the next day that she had suffered a concussion, as first reported by Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News.

A throw by Indianapolis Colts backup quarterback Chandler Harnish struck Oliver in the face just before the Colts-Giants preseason game. Oliver shrugged it off at first -- she said she didn't want to be "wimpy" -- and later found herself wondering how NFL players continue to play after getting hit.

“Players don’t want to be reminded about their concussions. They don’t want to be known as the guy who went down with one. They downplay it,” said Oliver, who also told the Daily News that she spent five days in a dark room in her home. “Then it happens to me and I start wondering how these guys go back to being hit, taking all that punishment, a week or two later.”

Days after Oliver was hit, Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher talked to reporters about "bell-ringing" and playing through it.

"I play inside linebacker and I like to play it physical," said Fletcher, who has never missed a game in 16 seasons. "So, I don't know, it can happen a couple of times a game, but I wouldn't classify them as concussions; they're just, you know, bell-ringing. You'll see stars for a second, and then you're back to normal in two, three seconds, whatever the case may be. That's just the way the game is."



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