09/03/2013 04:13 pm ET Updated Sep 03, 2013

Taylor Smith, Georgia Woman, Abandoned Near Mobile Home After Apparently Fatal Asthma Attack

A mother in Georgia is "mad as hell" after her daughter's body was found abandoned outside a mobile home following an apparently fatal asthma attack.

Taylor Smith, 20, was out with friends in Jasper, Ga., Wednesday night when she began experiencing trouble breathing, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Investigators believe that instead of seeking medical attention, Taylor's friends tried to remedy the asthma attack with a cold shower. When that didn't work, they ditched her lifeless body.

Taylor's mother, Tanya Smith, said her daughter suffered from severe respiratory problems. She also said the people Taylor was with didn't care about her at all.

"She was two miles from a hospital," Smith said, according to ABC News. "Yeah, I'm angry. I'm mad as hell. As the days go by, I'm getting even angrier. It didn't have to happen."

Following an investigation, police arrested Marty Gaddis, 38, on charges including concealing a death, abandonment of a body, and tampering with evidence, WSBTV reports. Authorities say more arrests are on the way.

But Smith's mother is still searching for answers.

"I can't imagine what they were thinking. It is heart breaking," Smith said.



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