09/03/2013 10:39 am ET

'Teen Mom 3': Mackenzie's Mom Doesn't Want Her On Birth Control (VIDEO)

On “Teen Mom 3,” Mackenzie wanted to be prepared and decided she should be on birth control. But Mackenzie’s mom Angie was opposed to it.

Even though Mackenzie was, you know, already a mom. Mackenzie went behind her mom’s back to get an IUD, and Angie was not a happy grandma. Angie expected Mackenzie to be abstinent.

“I told you, I just want to be safe,” Mackenzie protested. “Well, you’re still my kid and you’re still 17. I want a better life for you," Angie replied.

Hollywood Life found the situation absurd. “Mackenzie’s mom ... says that the family doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. A little late for that, and Mackenzie knows it.”

The Stir agreed, Mackenzie’s mom needed to face reality, saying, “Um, she does know where her grandson came from, right?”

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