09/04/2013 05:19 am ET Updated Sep 04, 2013

'Suits' Wraps Hessington Trial, Ends Merger In One Huge Move (VIDEO)

The Ava Hessington trial finally came to an end on "Suits," and with it came the official end of the merger as well. It was all rather clever and convoluted. To win the Hessington trial, Darby had to sign a deal to testify about his involvement with the murders. The team made sure that as part of this deal, he would definitely be leaving the firm. But even that wasn't all.

“This says I forfeit my license to practice law in this country," Darby said, reading the deal.

“If he can’t practice law in the country, he can’t be a member of our firm," Harvey pointed out.

While it was reluctantly done, Darby did sign the deal. Jessica encouraged him throughout. "You’re doing the right thing, Edward. We’ll worry about the terms of our dissolution tomorrow," she told him. "We may be getting a divorce, but I fully intend on keeping ownership of the house.”

TV Fanatic's Chandel Charles wrote that she knew this would happen the second the merger was announced. It was just a matter of how the team was going to be able to pull it off. Now her big question is: "With Darby out, will Harvey keep his name on the door, or will he decide it's too much?”

The twists and turns of "Suits" keep coming every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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