09/05/2013 09:12 am ET

William Woodward's Lawyers Use "Bush Doctrine" To Defend Client Who Allegedly Killed Neighbors

Lawyers for a man accused of killing two of his neighbors and wounding a third cited the "Bush Doctrine" on preemptive strikes in a motion defending their client.

William Woodward, 43, is accused of shooting three people at a Labor Day barbecue in Titusville, Fla, according to WESH.

Woodward allegedly shot and killed Gary Lee Hembree, 39, and Roger Picior, 44. Bruce Blake, 49, is expected to survive his injuries from the shooting.

According to Florida Today, Woodward's lawyers claim their client had been threatened many times in an "ongoing dispute." They also said Woodward's actions are justified under Florida's Stand Your Ground law, which allows people to defend themselves with deadly force if they feel they face an imminent threat.

Raw Story notes that "the defense also cited 'The Bush Doctrine,' a foreign policy principle used by President George W. Bush to justify the invasion of Iraq," based on the premise that doing so was an effort to prevent a future attack.

In footage of Woodward's police interview obtained by Florida Today, the 43-year-old told authorities, "we've been tormented by these people for months."

"They've made my life a living hell and my wife, we can't go anywhere without an escort," Woodward said. "We can't let our kids go outside."



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