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Walmart Workers Plan To Protest Thursday (LIVE UPDATES)


Some Walmart workers plan to protest across the country Thursday, according to Making Change At Walmart, a coalition of Walmart worker advocates.

Organizers say the protests will be the largest mobilization of workers since last year's Black Friday strikes, which spread to 100 cities on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. This time around, strikers are demanding a full-time starting salary of at least $25,000 and better protections for workers.

“Walmart, we cannot wait any longer for you to do the right thing for American workers," Walmart worker Cindy Murray said in a press release. "Our jobs should not be at risk when we speak out about improvements that would help our families and Walmart customers."

Walmart CEO Michael Duke has previously fought claims that his company is a low-wage employer. "Less than one percent" of Walmart associated make the minimum wage, he said in an interview on CNBC.

Check back throughout the day for live updates on the strikes.

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Vine Shows Protesters Being Arrested In New York

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Walmart Protests In Los Angeles Swell To 700 Participants: Tweet

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Swat Team Reportedly Arresting Walmart Strikers In Washington

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Walmart Protests Set To Begin In Los Angeles

Photo via Organization United for Respect at Walmart:

A livestream of the protests can be found here:

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Walmart Protesters Arrested During Protests In New York: Reports

The New York Police Department arrested three Walmart protesters in New York City on Thursday during demonstrations against the company's wages and protections, according to Making Change At Walmart, a coalition of Walmart worker advocates.

The protesters planned to deliver a petition to company board member Christopher Williams at the time of their arrests, Making Change At Walmart spokesperson Evan Yeats said in an interview with The Huffington Post. There are no Walmarts in New York City, but protesters wanted to deliver the petition directly to Williams' office.

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Walmart Protesters Reportedly Arrested In New York

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Walmart's 'Black Friday' Protests