09/06/2013 01:26 am ET

Honeymoon Tips: Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Director Darcy Miller Shares Pointers (VIDEO)

Planning a wedding can be an all-consuming endeavor, and the added stress of planning a honeymoon may send some couples over the edge. To help newlyweds enjoy the smoothest post-nuptial vacation possible, HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker talked with Darcy Miller, editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings, about the best tips for honeymoon bliss.

It's essential that couples not let the planning process or any obstacles that may arise cloud the happiness that surrounds a new marriage, Miller said.

"The most important thing, like with a wedding, is you have to try to make the best of it and not let it ruin what it's really about, which is getting married," she said.

That advice often comes in handy when couples strike a deal on their honeymoon trip. Miller urged brides and grooms to do research and learn exactly why they're getting such a great price on a fabulous trip.

"Usually bargains are offseason, so you have to think about why offseason is offseason, and usually it's because of weather," she said. "There's degrees of weather obstacles. There's maybe it's a little warmer these days, and then there's monsoon season."

Miller said couples will sometimes postpone their honeymoon for a few days or a couple months after the wedding, often to make sure they take the trip during the right season or because they need time to save up after paying for a big reception. She encouraged couples to consider taking a break between wedding and honeymoon to ensure they truly soak it in.

"It's important to remember on your honeymoon to really be in the moment and enjoy your partner and not try to relive your wedding the whole time," she said. "That's another reason to push it off at least a couple days. So many brides, the second after their wedding is over, they want to look at pictures and their Instagram and their Facebook. But on your honeymoon... you should be with your partner."

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