09/06/2013 08:27 am ET

Mason Jar Pies: How To Make Tiny Hipster Pies

Baking at its cutest.

The Mason jar is definitely getting a lot of attention these days. People are intent on finding a million other ways to use them aside from canning. It's been transformed into a cocktail shaker. And a lunch box too. Seriously. While all these alternative uses are good and fine, they don't live up to the creative thinking that is the mini Mason jar pie.

Everyone loves pie. And everyone loves mini pie even more -- they're just cute. But not all of us bakers are equipped with tiny pie pans for baking. That's where Mason jars come in handy. By using the lid of a Mason jar as a mini pie pan, your dream of tiny pies can become a reality. (Almost all of us have at least a couple of these lying around and if not, they're still cheaper to buy than pie pans.)

While you can take this idea and adapt any of your favorite pie recipes to it, we think food blogger Dessert for Two has done a great job of explaining how to make these mini pies. And, she has a mini Mason jar ginger peach pie recipe that is a keeper for sure.

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