09/06/2013 05:18 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2013

Steve King Is Too Busy To Comment On Syria


WASHINGTON -- Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) hasn't commented yet on whether he backs military intervention in Syria because he's just been too darn busy.

On Wednesday, the Sioux City Journal noted that King had not yet released a statement on the issue.

"That's a surprising development, since King is usually ready to weigh in on a wide variety of national topics. He's a hawk on defense, and points to his many trips to Iraq and Afghanistan for having informed his positions in supporting those wars," reporter Bret Hayworth write, adding, "King's office said he had no time to share a position on Syria. He has not tweeted on the topic either."

Des Moines Register reporter Jennifer Jacobs tweeted on Thursday that she had received a similar response from King's office:

King's office did not return a request from The Huffington Post for further comment.

Other members of the Iowa delegation have not been as quiet. All of the state's Senators and members of the House of Representatives -- besides King -- have indicated that they are leaning against military strikes.

On Friday afternoon, Iowa GOP leaders released an open letter urging the three Republican members of the state's congressional delegation -- Sen. Chuck Grassley, Rep. Tom Latham and King -- to oppose intervention.

"Nothing good can come of getting America involved in this civil war," they wrote.

King's Democratic opponent, Jim Mowrer, criticized King for not taking a stance on Syria in a Friday email to supporters. He called on them and to sign a petition telling King to "make the time for us."

In recent weeks, King has had time to travel to key battleground states, sparking speculation that he is thinking of running for president or at the very least hopes to serve as a "presidential power broker." He recently visited South Carolina, New Hampshire and Virginia.



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