09/06/2013 12:15 pm ET

'Wilfred' Season 3 Finale Wraps Up With Major Death and Bizarre Cliffhanger (VIDEO)

“Wilfred” wrapped up its third season with basically every season finale-cliche possible.

We found out that Ryan’s dad Henry had secretly been spying on Ryan and thought he was insane. So he gave Ryan two options: be institutionalized or come back and work at the law firm. Ryan was still trying to make up his mind when a bizarre accident killed his father. That led Ryan to accept the job, and pretty much sever ties with Wilfred.

So, if you’re keeping track: we had an ultimatum, a death, a new job and a friend breakup. Then, a super bizarre cliffhanger. Ryan found a letter in his dad’s office, which led him to discover ... a statue of a man in a dog suit.

What the what?

IGN called that a “head-scratcher.” “This obviously raises a number of questions, not the least of which being, is it actually a statue of a man in a dog suit, or does it just appear that way to Ryan? Also, did Henry know more about Wilfred than he was letting on? ... Obviously, there's a lot to digest here, and hopefully some of these questions will eventually come to light.”

TV Fanatic was left just as confused. “WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT THING? WHO PUT IT THERE? WHY IS IT THERE? WHAT DOES THE SYMBOL HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? ... I've said it before. When we learn what the deal is with Wilfred, Wilfred will cease to be a show, so I understand that some of these frustrations are hypocritical.”

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