09/08/2013 11:23 am ET

Kate Middleton's Post-Baby Routine Revealed In Vanity Fair

As happy as we are to have Kate Middleton back in the public eye, we wonder what she's been up to in between giving birth and her first post-baby appearance so much, it keeps us up at night.

Well, it seems we'll be sleeping soundly at last, as Vanity Fair has finally revealed how Kate has spent her time off. In their October issue, the magazine that employs Pippa prints an exclusive excerpt of Katie Nicholl's biography of the duchess. Nicholl paints a portrait of domesticity inside the Middleton grandparents' Bucklebury home:

Nicholl reports that at the Middletons', the couple had their own wing, comprising a double en suite bedroom and private living room, while another bedroom had been converted into a nursery. The setup meant William and Kate could enjoy complete privacy as well as round-the-clock help from Carole and Michael.

The portrait that Nicholl's biography paints matches baby George's official portrait closely. The little prince's parents insisted on taking his photo in a more relaxed style than those of his predecessors. In fact, the portrait itself was snapped by Grandpa Michael Middleton, in the family's Bucklebury backyard.

Surprised? Apparently, a healthy, connected family life was part of the deal when the Middletons merged with the royals. Vanity Fair quotes family friend George Brown: "It was a condition when they got married that they [Carole and Michael] would be a part of the grandchildren's lives."

And Nicholl confirms that, as rumored, the royal couple didn't want hired help to interfere with their child-rearing -- according to a friend, "William said he didn't want a nanny or nurse coming in and doing shifts. They were agreed on that. They wanted to do the early days themselves."

Nicholl writes that George slept in a Moses basket right beside Will and Kate's bed. As for Kate's post-baby diet? All we know is that "each morning, Carole whipped up nourishing fruit smoothies and healthy meals while Kate also snacked on her favorite muesli bars." Sounds far healthier than some of the other post-birth regimes celebrities have cooked up.

George is too adorable for words:

William and Kate announce their new son

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