09/09/2013 10:50 am ET

Bengt Andersson, Artist, Beaten After Penis Gun Mistaken For Real Thing

A penis gun ended up being bad news for an artist's face.

Bengt Andersson was brutally beaten at a gallery in Malmo, Sweden on Wednesday when he went to retrieve his gun sculpture loaded with penis-shaped bullets. The guards mistook the piece of art for a real weapon and left Andersson bloody, bruised and in need of medical assistance, according to the Local's translation of a Sydsvenskan daily newspaper story.

"I just wanted to show off my art," Andersson said.

The guards were at the gallery in part to protect fellow artist, Lars Vilks, who has previously courted controversy for depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad, according to the Mirror.

A "police official," whose name was not reported, explained the security guards' actions.

"When they see a weapon they have to intervene like this to protect this subject [Vilks] who is subject to a high level of threat,’ a police official said.

Though he wasn't the victim of violence like Andersson, New York's Jonah Falcon knows something of the artist's troubles.

Last year, Falcon was frisked by a TSA agent after his huge penis was mistaken for a weapon.



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