09/10/2013 08:50 am ET Updated Oct 01, 2013

A Love Letter To Cilantro

It's the best herb around.

We know that not everyone loves cilantro. We even believe that some people hate it. What we don't understand is how. Cilantro is by far the best fresh herb there is. Yes, it's even better than basil. Cilantro's flavor brightens up all of our favorite dishes. Think about it: where would guacamole be without cilantro? And what would happen to tacos without this flavorful herb??

And so, with our favorite Mexican foods in mind, we've put together a compelling list -- or more of a love letter -- of just why we're absolutely smitten when it comes to cilantro. We hope all you cilantro haters out there will look it over and finally see the grievous error of your ways.

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  • Cilantro, We Love You
    Flickr: dvvglvs
  • And Guinea Pigs Love You Too
    Flickr: shimown
  • We Never Have Enough Of You
    Flickr: Moon Rabbit Urban Farm
  • You Make Salsas Worth Eating
    Flickr: waywuwei
  • And Rice Is More Fun Because Of You
    Flickr: austinevan
  • We Love It When You're Feeling Fancy
    Flickr: T.Tseng
  • And Even More When You're Not
    Flickr: OctopusHat
  • Huevos Rancheros Would Be Nothing Without You
    Flickr: T.Tseng
  • And Tacos Would Be Worthless
    Flickr: ilovememphis
  • Guacamole Would Cease To Make Sense
    Please, don't ever let this happen.
    Flickr: tanyeTT
    Please, don't ever let this happen.
  • You Make Drinks Go Down Smoother
    Flickr: Breville USA
  • We Love Your Bright Green Color
    Flickr: lion heart vintage
  • And We Love Your Fresh Smell
    Flickr: OctopusHat
  • You're Proud, And We Dig That
    Flickr: bradleypjohnson
  • Parsley Wishes It Was You
    Flickr: flippinyank
  • Because You're So Much More Than Just A Garnish
    Flickr: jeffreyw
  • You Are Our Everything
    Flickr: gurms