09/11/2013 07:50 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2013

Guinness World Records 2014: New Book Features Amazing Photos

As far as world record holders go, you'd be hard-pressed to find one cuter than Milly, a chihuahua residing in Puerto Rico.

She is one of the newest inductees featured in Guinness World Records 2014, but Milly didn't make the cut for cuteness, she made it because of her size.

At 3.8 inches tall, Milly -- who is also called "Miracle Milly" -- is the world's smallest living dog. Her owner, Vanessa Semler, said Milly was “so small she could fit on a teaspoon when she was born."

Full grown, she is still tinier than a running shoe.


Records celebrating the smallest and largest are an important part of the book, but editor Craig Glenday said he wants to include new records as well, such as fastest 100 meters run by a woman in high heels, or the largest set of vacuum cleaners.

Getting in the book can be the culmination of a lifetime's work.

Contortionist Lelani Franco remembers reading the book growing up and is pleased that three of her records made it into this year's book: Fastest human backbend walk in 20 meters (10.05 seconds); Fastest time to travel 20 meters in a contortion roll (17.47 seconds); and most full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand in one minute: 25.

Be warned though: Being a Guinness record holder can change your life.

Take the case of "Happie," a skateboarding goat owned by Melody Cooke or Fort Myers, Florida.

"Before Happie was skateboarding, she was happy and calm, liked to be held and was very friendly and obedient," according to a video released by Guinness World Records. "After she became a Guinness World Record skateboarder, she's a bit of a diva."

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