09/11/2013 02:14 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Randy Jones' Gay Wedding: Village People Cowboy To Marry Partner Of 30 Years


From D-O-M-A to Y-M-C-A! Dust off those roller skates because it's time to celebrate!

The Village People's very own resident cowboy, Randy Jones, is going from "Macho Man" to married man as he prepares to wed his partner of 30 years, Will Gregga, this week in New York.

A small ceremony wouldn't be appropriate for a member of one of the greatest party bands of all time, so according to a press release obtained by TMZ, Jones has stretched the celebration into a three-day disco loving affair.

Day one will reportedly include "a public proposal" with Randy "[popping] the question in front of friends and family in Columbus Circle." Day two will feature the wedding ceremony at New York City Hall "in front of their mothers." Directly after, there will be a party at a "trendy rooftop bar" with "special guest host Warrington Gillette -- who the couple credits as "Jason" from 'Friday the 13th Part 2.'" Finally, on day three, there will be a "post-wedding banquet" in Little Italy.

Aside from planning a wedding this summer, Jones has kept busy within the gay community by speaking out against DOMA before this year's Gay Pride Weekend in New York. He also hosted Tybee Gay Days, a fundraiser on Tybee Island, an island and city in Chatham County, Georgia, that raised money for people affected by HIV and AIDS.

The wedding festivities begin tomorrow, Sept. 12. It seems you just can't stop the music or the marriage!

Congrats, guys!



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