09/12/2013 01:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Got Chores? There's A Vintage 1980s Atari App For That

Productivity and organizing apps are in vogue right now, but they've existed longer than you'd think. Nearly 25 years, if we're going to consider the following DIY Atari app, Job Jar, as the "grandfather" of organization/to-do list apps. Though we're sure there have been many before this particular app, this is the first one we've seen with an article behind it -- from the 1989 edition of Antic Magazine.

The concept is based on "chore jars," which we remember from kindergarten and that one time we tried to restore order to our household. (It didn't work.) Here, you assign a family member a "jar," fill it with tasks, then assign a priority to each chore. The family member can then access their to-do list. We imagine that Doogie Howser would've invented this one, had he not been busy journaling and doing that doctor stuff.

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