'Big Brother' Wednesday Eviction Episode: Can McCrae Save Himself? (VIDEO)

In a special Wednesday eviction episode of "Big Brother," the Final Four were revealed. As the hour began, GinaMarie and McCrae were on the block. McCrae was the target, but there was the Power of Veto competition yet to go. Could he save himself from eviction again?

Indeed he could. Just as he took himself off the block last week -- sealing the fate of his showmance Amanda -- McCrae was guaranteed a spot in the final four. This meant that The Exterminators alliance would have to turn on themselves. It seemed pretty obvious which way they were going when Head of Household Spencer wouldn't even consider putting Andy up as a replacement nominee.

Instead, Judd went up and for the second time this summer, Judd went to jury. John Kubicek of Buddy TV pointed out that the vote set a new "Big Brother" record. "This is the seventh unanimous [eviction] of the season, tying the record set in season 12," he noted. "It also marks the 11th time Andy has cast a vote and the 11th time he has voted with the house."

He became the first guy in the jury (again), joining a house full of women, so that should be interesting. He told Julie Chen he was worried they might scratch his eyes out.

He also told Julie that he's rooting for GinaMarie to win the whole thing. "GinaMarie’s really hurt and they can beat her easily [in challenges], and I think that they trust her a little bit more than me," Judd said. He admitted they were probably right to do so.

While it wasn't shown on the broadcast, GinaMarie hurt herself severely enough to need stitches during that "Super"-competition. Ironically, the next competition was based on memory over physicality. In the end, Andy won and became the next HOH. "This should be fun!" said HitFix's Liane Bonin Starr of Andy's win. "I expect vacillating, waffling and tears. Lots and lots and LOTS of tears.”

It'll be a short reign, as the next eviction happens on Thursday night's show. "Big Brother" moves toward its finale next Wednesday, airing Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET, Sunday at 8 p.m. ET and Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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