09/12/2013 01:40 pm ET Updated Sep 15, 2013

Transgender Parent On Coming Out To Her 10-Year-Old Son: 'He's My Hero' (VIDEO)

In a recent HuffPost Live segment, author and transgender mom Lilly Mossiano discussed her new book series that explains transitioning to kids. Joining her, was another transgender woman, Stephanie Battaglino, who shared what it was like to come out to her 10-year-old son, Andrew.

Battaglino explained that the hardest part was actually telling Andrew she was divorcing his mom. Beyond that, she approached the topic of gender transition "very lightly," because of his young age.

They saw a therapist early on and worked together to help Andrew understand what gender orientation is all about. Battaglino says it wasn't always easy. "I was freak show dad for a long time," she said.

As Battaglino went through her physical changes, Andrew was skeptical. "One of the things that I made it very clear to him early on is, 'I am always going to be your dad, I may look differently, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten how to throw a football or a baseball," she said.

And Andrew has been supportive of the change since. He recently said to his dad (who he calls either "Dad" or "Steph"), "You know, Steph, I can tell that you're happier." It's a journey they're taking together, Battaglino explained. "He's my hero."

Check out the entire HuffPost Live segment here, which features transgender author and parent Lilly Mossiano of The My New Series.



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