09/12/2013 04:12 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2013

Uncle Si Decides He Wants To Be Stuffed By Taxidermist When He Dies On 'Duck Dynasty' (VIDEO)

The guys may soon be wishing they'd never brought Uncle Si with them when they went to get a stuffed jackalope appraised on the latest "Duck Dynasty." As an aside, how did these outdoorsmen not know that the jackalope isn't real and that it was just a novelty piece? Si even told a story about a time he took a shot at one! Granted, he probably believes it, too.

Once he got inside the taxidermy shop, though, Si suddenly started thinking about his own eternal future ... and the eternal future of his body.

“I ain’t gonna be buried," he suddenly declared. "I want a taxidermist to stuff me.”

As he got to thinking about it, Si really thought this was a great idea. "What better way to honor a man, than to immortalize him as a redneck statue?” Si said. "I’ll be around for ever.”

He even imagined the family passing him around, with each of them spending a month with the stuffed body of good old Uncle Si. Unfortunately, this may not be as feasible as Si is thinking. Human taxidermy is not only very difficult, it's also illegal. Only bodies serving a "scientific purpose" can be plasticized, like in the famous Body Words exhibit.

While a taxidermy Si isn't likely in the future, at least the real thing can be seen now on "Duck Dynasty" every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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