09/13/2013 05:22 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

'Graceland' Season Finale: Jangles Revealed, Future Of House In Jeopardy (VIDEO)

The season finale of "Graceland" closed one chapter, while leaving plenty of material for the just-announced second season on USA. The real Jangles was revealed, giving Briggs the closure he'd been seeking for five years.

It turns out, it was the federale that had been working with Charlie, and growing ever-so-slowly closer to her. Briggs managed to track Jangles down at his house, and even slipped Juan's key onto his key ring, but he was taken down by Jangles. When Charlie showed up, she was confused enough to be taken in as well.

It looked like it was the end for both of them, when Mike showed up. He'd managed to track Briggs and figured out where he'd be going. When he came in, there was no hesitation. He had no relationship with Jangles, and so when the killer pulled on him, Mike quickly took him down.

Things still aren't clear-cut, though. Briggs was still Odin, he still killed Juan, and now Charlie is questioning her worthiness to be an agent, considering she was working alongside Jangles all that time. All good material to explore in a second season.

And then came the final scenes. A couple of kids found the tape recording of Briggs' fatal confrontation with the agent he thought was Jangles. And then there's his phone call to Mike -- now enjoying his plum position in Washington DC. He said, "Listen, Mike, I haven't told anyone else about this..." before a fade to black.

Buddy TV's Carla Day enjoyed the unpredictable twists and turns the show offered viewers. "Often you can pick out the killer before the first break or easily predict the conclusion, but not with this show," she wrote. "Throughout the season, 'Graceland' went in unexpected directions that kept the characters fresh and made it exciting to watch.” Zap2It's Laurel Brown was left with a cryptic thought. "Considering the first season's activities, the only certainty is deception. After all, on ‘Graceland,’ lies are life.”

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