09/13/2013 02:50 pm ET

Lucky Baby Names To Bypass Any Bad Omen, Even Friday the 13th


By Pamela Redmond Satran For Nameberry

Triskaidekaphobic? Then you’ll probably be hiding under the covers for Friday the 13th -- but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your laptop there with you and check out our list of 13 baby names that signify luck, most of it good.


Asher is one of the superstar names of this decade, rising from Biblical obscurity – it disappeared for almost a century -- to near the Top 100. Asher has a host of uplifting meanings, including fortunate, blessed, and happy. In the Bible, Asher was one of the 12 sons of Jacob who gave his name to a tribe of Israel.


The poet John Keats said, “Had my name been Edmund, my life would have been more fortunate.” The English Edmund means “fortunate protector.” Shakespeare, Dickens, and Jane Austen all named characters Edmund.


Evangeline means “bearer of good news,” another way of saying luck. The name Evangeline has had its own streak of luck in recent years, making a major comeback after a half century off the grid. The popularity of other Eve-related names and the celebrity of actress Evangeline Lilly have both been major factors in its resurgence.


Few parents would name their babies Faust, after the character who sold his soul to the devil, but the ancient Latin Faustina transcends that connection. The fortunate-meaning Faustina was the wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and was also the name of two saints and a famous Italian opera singer.


Felix and related names Felicity and Felicia sound as happy and blessed as they are. Felix, which means fortunate, was first adopted by the ancient Roman Sulla, who was a general and a statesman and believed he was especially favored by the gods. In the contemporary world, Felix was chosen by both Gillian Flynn and Elizabeth Banks for their sons.


Halona is a Native American name that means good fortune and that can transcend cultures. Several tribes, ranging from the Creek of Oklahoma to the Pessamaquoddy of Maine, claim Halona for their own.


Hazard is a bad boy name of the type so fashionable to day, pushing the also-fashionable Chance toward the dangerous edge. The word hazard is from a Middle French word for gambling. Another word name connected to luck is the loopier Serendipity.


Laskshmi is the name of the Hindu goddess of many good things: abundance, beauty, prosperity, grace, and charm. Her name means, not surprisingly, “lucky omen.” Lakshmi Singh is an NPR newswoman.


Madoc is a Welsh name that means fortunate or benefactor’s son – and the fashionable Maddox means Madoc’s son. Also styled Madog, this was the name of an early Welshman who was reputed to discover North America in the 12th century.


The melodic Mallory is one of the few widely-used name to mean unlucky, from its French root. The unisex surname-name was popularized by the 80s sitcom Family Ties.


Seven has become the lucky number name of the decade, used as Erykah Badu’s son’s first name and the middle name of Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter Harper. Seven is a lucky number in a range of cultures: the Jewish religion has the seven blessings, Christianity has the seven churches, Islam has seven heavens, and Hinduism talks of seven powers.


The Spanish word for luck lends itself to a range of names, from the feminine Ventura to Venturo and Venturi. Other Latinate luck names include Fortuna and Fortunato.


Zada is an Arabic name that means fortunate or prosperous, similar to the popular male Sa’id and its female version Sadiya. Although Zada is not related to Zadie, which is a short form in the Sarah family meaning princess, it certainly would make a cute nickname. Lucky.



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