09/13/2013 05:23 am ET

'Rookie Blue' Finale: Ford Gets Into Police Station, Shoots Before Being Taken Down (VIDEO)

After finding a hit list featuring several of our favorite officers, the stakes couldn't have been higher on "Rookie Blue." Andy and Sam were told to stay in the station, for their own safety, but this turned out to be the worst advice possible. Kevin Ford dressed as a police officer and managed to get into the station. Everything else he did was a ruse to get as many officers out as possible canvasing the area for him.

Sam and Andy figured this out, and began to search for him in the station. Unfortunately for Sam, Ford saw him first and managed to get a shot off before he was gunned down. As he was in a police station, he had to know he was going down. He was just hoping to take down one of his targets with him. Did he?

Sam was rushed to a hospital where there were no quick answers. Instead, as the anxious officers waited outside, Sam went into surgery. Andy was allowed in to stand by his side and weep silent tears. You know, for a couple that's not together, McSwarek is awfully ... together! No wonder their significant others looked heartbroken and alone.

Watching Sam on the operating table, Zap2It's Jay Bobbin said it's going to be a long wait until Season 5. At least "Rookie Blue" showrunner Tassie Cameron offered fans some hints about the future -- like the fact that they haven't mapped it out yet. She told the Hollywood Reporter that "because the episode ends in a very intense place, we actually have some choices to make at the beginning of season five. A lot could happen from where we end this.”

Cameron told TVLine that "It’s really clear to us and to [Andy's boyfriend] Nick, even if it’s not clear to her yet, that there’s a lot of unfinished business with that relationship [with Sam].” Andy and Sam are and always have been the heart of the show. Is there a way to give "Rookie Blue" a satisfying ending that doesn't find those two coming together?

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