09/13/2013 08:46 am ET Updated Sep 13, 2013

Steve Bracknell, Lake Mary Police Chief, Walks Back George Zimmerman Comments: Report

Lake Mary, Fla., police chief Steve Bracknell has distanced himself from comments he made in a response to an email from a town resident who was upset that George Zimmerman has not been charged with any crimes following an altercation Monday with his estranged wife and her father.

In a Sept. 10 response to Lake Mary resident Santiago Rodriguez's strongly-worded emails, which called Zimmerman "a ticking time bomb... [and] a Sandy Hook [or] Aurora waiting to happen," Bracknell initially replied "I agree." On Thursday, WTSP reported that the chief walked back his comments about Zimmerman.

"Chief Bracknell distanced himself saying he was 'referring to the fact that [Zimmerman] seems to be involved in incidents' involving firearms," the station reported.

Requests for comment from the chief by The Huffington Post were not immediately returned.

In a 911 call placed Monday, Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, can be heard telling the operator that her estranged husband smashed an iPad and punched her father in the nose.

Neither Shellie Zimmerman nor her father have pressed charges over the incident.

"Florida law does not permit us to make an arrest [if no charges are brought]," Bracknell wrote. "No victim, no crime."

Clarification: A previous version of this article stated that "without charges, no arrest can be made," which has been amended to include Chief Bracknell's interpretation as voiced in his email.



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