09/16/2013 05:47 am ET

'My Five Wives' Introduces Polgamist Brady Williams And His - Ahem - Five Wives (VIDEO)

Polygamy is huge ... at least on TLC! The home of "Sister Wives" introduced its viewers to another family in their latest polygamy special, "My Five Wives." Brady Williams lives in a polygamist community in Utah with his -- you guessed it -- five wives.

To try and keep everyone happy, Brady rotates where he sleeps each night. That way, he's sleeping with each wife every five nights. But still, this can get lonely for the women. One wife, Robyn, came up with a solution that works for everyone.

She explained, “One year for Christmas I made each of my sister wives a body pillow that was of Brady, and it has this little thought cloud with their name in it, so it’s like he’s dreaming of them, and it was something they could hold while it’s not his night to be with them.”

But lonely nights aren't the only friction in the family. The wives admitted that they sometimes have jealousy issues, too. They'll feel a twinge of the big green monster when Brady shows one wife physical affection in front of the others. Still, the family has managed to have a total of 24 children between the five sister wives.

People magazine pointed out that there is something different about this polygamist family, despite the obvious comparisons to "Sister Wives." This family is " estranged from their church and therefore shunned by their community and many family members, but the Williams family believes the sacrifices are worth it.”

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