09/17/2013 12:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Lessons From 'Bewitched' On Life, Martinis and Neighbors (GIFs)

On this day back in 1964, "Bewitched" premiered on ABC. The show appealed to anyone who had fantasies about being able to magically change everything in their lives with a twitch of their nose -- or at least make a mess disappear in an instant. Annoying neighbors, however, are another story.

We love watching reruns of the show, which can be hard to hunt down these days. (Especially because we're partial to "old Darrin," rather than the "new Darrin"-specific episodes that occasionally air on Logo.) We especially love the utterly adorable home of the Stephens, even if it is a bit avocado green and harvest gold-centric. It's often easy to forget that the early American style ruled in the early half of the sixties, in suburban households.

But that's not the only thing we can learn from the show. Here are some other important lessons you can takeaway from "Bewitched."

Household tasks are a great time to disappear.

Eccentrics should always dress to stand out in a crowd. Your first impression should be a startling one.

One should never be far from a martini.

Never live next to a perpetually nervous busybody who relies on "nerve medicine" to get through her day.

Always keep condiments within reach on the table.

When entertaining, keep your knowing looks to yourself and/or your short-tempered husband.

Never let your crazy "cousin" back in your life, let alone near your stove. Her wig could catch fire.

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