09/17/2013 03:41 pm ET

Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd Question Obama's Navy Yard Shooting Response

Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd sounded off on President Obama's response to the Navy Yard shooting, with Todd saying that the White House is regretting the tone of the president's reaction on Monday.

Obama addressed the shooting on Monday, sending his thoughts to the victims. His comments came during a ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of Lehman Brothers' collapse and later criticized Congressional Republicans in his speech. His tone was questioned by journalists and Republicans.

"The White House has been significantly off point, it seems to me," Mitchell said in response. "The president coming out after this event with some brief remarks about it, but then going into his criticisms of the Republicans over the economy on the fifth anniversary of the Lehman failure."

"I think they wish they had yesterday back," Todd agreed. "They are not saying it but you can feel it."

He said that the administration might have done things differently if it had the opportunity. "It's been a rough patch for them ever since the Syria crisis," Todd said. "And it seems their timing is just a bit off."

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