09/18/2013 08:25 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

The Difficulties Of Downsizing Your Home And Saying Good-Bye To All Your Stuff (VIDEO)

Soon-to-be retirees may be thrilled with the idea of packing up, selling their houses and heading down south for warmer weather. But there is one aspect of downsizing homes that's usually a difficult task for people, to say the least, and that's detaching themselves from their possessions. In the clip above, Into My Window blogger Karen Moody explains that it's our stuff that holds us back physically and emotionally. Master organizer, Justin Klosky agrees that holding on to it can get in the way of moving forward with our lives.

Anya Strzemien, Executive Lifestyle Editor at HuffPost Live, talks about her own experience helping her mother move from a sprawling country home to an urban apartment and suggests prioritizing photographs -- they take up the least space but evoke the most memories. Watch the clip above to learn other ways to make the process easier.

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