09/18/2013 09:01 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Jon Stewart Hammers CNN's Navy Yard Coverage: 'It's Like Walking Down The Street With A Five-Year-Old' (VIDEO)

The tragic shooting at the Washington Navy Yard offered cable news networks yet another opportunity for around-the-clock speculation, resulting in what Jon Stewart referred to as a "Wrongnado" of coverage.

However, one network, CNN, distinguished itself yet again by openly reporting any piece of information, whether it was true or not. Apparently, Wolf Blitzer thinks saying "this may be very, very wrong," makes very, very wrong reporting okay.

Towards the end of his segment on Tuesday, Stewart explained exactly why the network seems to think it can get away with the misinformation, and the truth is ugly. "It doesn't matter how much they betray our trust, we'll keep coming back. We're in an abusive relationship with CNN."

Watch the full clip from "The Daily Show" above.