09/19/2013 07:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Add Some Adventure To Your Travels With These Ideas

Need some adventure travel inspiration? In a world filled with extreme activities, here's a couple to get your ideas flowing, inexperienced or not.

For those who will go the extra mile for the photo-op, visit one of the many viewing platforms around the world. The views are reason enough to make an exception, or two, if you're not a fan of heights.

aurland lookout
Aurland Lookout in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Dachstein Stairway in Austria

Don't plan to hit just any slope this year. Make it a glacier. You can!

helihiking in new zealand
Helihike the Fox Glacier in New Zealand.

dogsledding on glacier
Dogsled on one of Alaska's glaciers.

.. and of course,
go skiing and snowboarding.

Have a knack for climbing? Change up your views from the top.
climbing redwoods
Climb the Redwoods, home to the tallest trees in the world .

sydney bridge climb
Or go for a rare view of the city skyline. Climb a bridge like the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.

But, of course, if soaring is what you're looking for, there's always skydiving, paragliding, and bungee jumping, offered in many parts of the world. Our word of advice? Just pick one and go.



bungee jump

Share your adventurous travel stories and photos with us in the slideshow below.



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