09/19/2013 10:19 am ET

Here Be 'Dragons' Who Eat Frozen Whipped Cream (VIDEO)

And you thought Pinterest was stressful.

Here's a party trick that looks like loads of fun, but -- given that it involves whipped cream frozen with liquid nitrogen -- seems a teensy bit more dangerous than those infuriatingly perfect balloon topiaries.

In the YouTube comments under his video, chemist Simon Field identifies the girl in the final shot as his co-author for the book Why Is Milk White?: his neighbor, Alexa Coelho. (The book was inspired by Coelho's chemistry questions.)

Field, who is also the author of Culinary Reactions: The Everyday Chemistry of Cooking and Why There's Antifreeze in Your Toothpaste: The Chemistry of Household Ingredients, explains in another comment:

Actually, the fog is not the nitrogen, but the water vapor from your breath. It is the same as breathing outside on a cold day. The whipped cream has so little heat capacity that it must be popped into the mouth quickly, or it won't be cold enough to get the effect. In the mouth, it can't cool your tongue fast enough to freeze the water there. Drinking hot cocoa is more likely to hurt than this.

Who knew?

(Hat tip: HowToBeADad)



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