09/22/2013 09:54 am ET

Artists Bring Giant LED Sun To Darkest Parts Of The World

Norwegian artists Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad are on a seemingly impossible mission to bring sunlight to the parts of the world that get little or none of it naturally. So how did two mere mortals achieve such a task?

Pacini and Istad created a giant LED faux sun that oscillates between various warm hues. The pair of artists erected the circular sculpture on a pick-up truck and embarked on a perilous, icy road trip from Oslo to Tromsø, a city in the north of Norway with a subarctic climate. According to It's Nice That, when hooked up to wind-breakers and a generator, the installation looks impressively like the real thing. Needless the say, those who basked in the LED warmth of the piece were understandably giddy.

The glorious light will be stopping at the 100% Norway exhibition at The Truman Brewery in London on September 19. If you're not in the area, watch the artificial sun do its thing in the video above; it really is quite magical, don't you think?