09/23/2013 01:42 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

Bill Clinton Doesn't Have A Credit Card Because Other People Just Buy Stuff For Him, Report Says

Does Bill Clinton have a credit card?

A friend of the former president told The New Republic that Clinton doesn't carry one around because he never needs to pay for anything.

"He doesn’t care about money," the friend said. "He doesn't even have a credit card. When he wants to get something he says, 'Wow, I love that,' and whoever he's with says, 'Here it is!'"

The anecdote was part of a profile of top Clinton aide Doug Band, whom the magazine portrays as cashing in on his connections to the family and turning donors to the Clinton Global Initiative into clients of the global consulting firm he co-founded, Teneo Holdings.

Band didn't comment for the TNR story, but he told HuffPost that Clinton does in fact have a credit card. "And if I had a Black Card or ever had one, I would buy you a drink on it," Band added, referencing a separate anecdote in which he had coveted and ultimately won the invitation-only American Express card.

The notion that Clinton doesn't carry a credit card, however, does jibe with the lifestyle a select group of the elite enjoy. In almost any social setting, Clinton's friends or hanger-ons are likely to be quick to pick up the tab.

A long-running joke in California, for instance, held that Gov. Jerry Brown had maintained the same $20 bill in his wallet for decades because he had never had to pay his bill.

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The TNR profile of Band focuses heavily on his consulting firm, which HuffPost first reported brought Clinton on as a paid adviser in 2011.

Clinton ended the paid arrangement in March 2012, and a subsequent financial disclosure form filed by his wife and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton listed his compensation as greater than $1,000, but didn't specify how much greater.



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