09/23/2013 04:11 pm ET

Debora Spar: 'Women Should Brag About Their Stay-At-Home Husbands' (VIDEO)

Debora Spar, President of Barnard College and author of "Wonder Women," recently joined HuffPost Live to discuss her new book and the state of women in the workplace.

During the conversation, Spar spoke about the importance of both men and women adjusting their roles at home in order to become successful at work. As she explains it, society has organized family life the same way for thousands of years, while the traditional setup has only been challenged in the last 40. Therefore, when we are discussing how families will make it "work" at home, both moms and dads must be a part of the conversation.

"It's critical to bring men into the conversation, not just to say, 'You need to do more, you need to be more understanding,' but to actually bring men into the conversation both within the work place and within the home front to say, 'How can we figure this out if there's only two of us and there's a couple of kids and a couple of jobs, how are we going to make the time work? How are we going to organize the week?'" Spar said.

More men are primary caregivers today, and Spar thinks that is a fact worthy of even more attention than it gets. "There's still a little bit of a shame attached to that. Women don't brag about their stay-at-home husbands, and they probably should," she said.



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