09/23/2013 03:51 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

7 DIYs Every Woman Should Know How To Do

Single women are more likely to own their own home than single men (the former also outpaces the latter when it comes to rentals, as well), which means we're more likely to be alone in our homes when something goes wrong. While some of us immediately call a repairperson, the project in question might be cheaper to do ourselves. Besides, if we can get our financial selves together enough to buy a home (or rent solo), we should probably know how to patch a hole in its walls, right? Right. Here are the 7 DIYs that every woman should know.

1. Patching a hole in the wall. Whether your doorknob has punctured the drywall or a small hole from a nail has somehow grown sizably, this simple repair can usually be done in less than an hour (not considering drying time, of course). Check out DIY Network for the lowdown.

2. Sealing windows and doors. Winter is inevitable. Drafts? Optional. Lifehacker shows you the best options for your space.

3. Fixing the toilet. No one likes to think about toilets. Simple maintenance can keep your throne from dominating your thoughts. The Family Handyman has a primer that covers everything from flush problems to wiggly seats.

4. Taking apart the sink p-trap. There are many reasons you'd need to do this job, mainly due to clogs and accidentally dropping a piece of jewelry down the drain. Luckily, For Dummies has the scoop on taking the thing apart.

5. Change a light fixture. The day will come when you are just sick of that builder-grade overhead light and want to swap it for a chandelier, pendant or even a ceiling fan. Lowe's has the simple run-down.

6. Remove or replace a doorknob or lock. Whether it's cosmetic or for security purposes, this is a good DIY skill to have. Check out This Old House for the simplified steps.

7. Repairing a leaky faucet. It'll keep you up all night, otherwise. Popular Mechanics has a tutorial to fix the faucet in five steps.

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