09/23/2013 02:32 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2013

Naked Man Jumps In Pool With Children, Breaks Officer's Arm

A Tennessee man is in some hot water after enjoying a cold swim.

Police responded Sunday afternoon to reports of a naked man damaging cars, WMC-TV reported.

Once finished, officials said the man jumped into a pool full of children. When officers arrived to subdue the man, he allegedly broke one of the officer's arms in the scuffle.

The officer was taken to Methodist North Hospital.

Naked rampages are surprisingly frequent.

Seth Montgomery Easter, 23, was allegedly found naked jumping on the hoods of cars in West Virginia in August. Arresting officer, Sgt. Greg Losh, described the man as being "naked as a jaybird," according to a Charleston Daily Mail report.

In January, carnival worker Gregory Matthew Bruni, 21, broke into a couple's home while naked, allegedly trashing the place before taking a poop and masturbating.