09/23/2013 11:26 am ET

'Today' Features Live Baby Births For New Series (VIDEO)

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For its latest series, "Today" ventured into maternity wards across the country to talk to new mothers and even broadcast births live on-air.

The show kicked off a new week-long feature examining what it is like having and raising babies today. On Monday, one "Today" correspondent was there in the delivery room as a mother just gave birth, and held up a "Today" onesie for the baby. Later on in the show, other correspondents spoke to a woman who had recently given birth and another woman who was in labor.

"Can you believe that?" Matt Lauer marveled in amazement on Monday. "You've just given birth to a baby and the cameras are there for the entire country and you turn and say 'Hi'?"

We can't really believe it either.

As TV Newser pointed out, "Good Morning America" did a similar feature in the past. CNN also famously interviewed a woman in labor during its coverage of the birth of the royal baby.

(h/t TV Newser)



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