09/24/2013 08:39 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2013

Ireland Baldwin Hacked Alec Baldwin's Twitter And It Was Either Really Weird Or Really Great

Ireland Baldwin hacked Alec Baldwin's Twitter last night, and the result was a series of questionable selfies, which referenced the movie "Taxi Driver" and seemed largely dependent on a spoon.

Just hours after accompanying Alec to the Emmys, Ireland took over @ABFalecbaldwin (not to be confused with the storied account @AlecBaldwin, which seems to be inactive at this time).

BuzzFeed called the selfies "odd," but this is possibly the most whimsical and least contentious thing to come out of Alec Baldwin's Twitter use lately, and we don't hate it.

The Words With Friends player has struggled with the 140-character medium in the past. He's ranted, and quit Twitter, and rejoined Twitter, ranted some more and talked about wishing he knew how to quit Twitter.

Perhaps, for the future, Alec should just let his 17-year-old model daughter run the show ... or take his own weird spoon selfies. Either way.



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