09/24/2013 01:01 pm ET

Mom Who Got Into An Accident On The Way To Give Birth Is Doing OK (VIDEO)

Jessica Stanley's birth story is a mom-to-be's worst nightmare, but thanks to a good samaritan who was at the right place at the right time, mom and twin babies are doing well.

When Stanley went into labor, she, fiancé Antavian Milton, and their three daughters hopped in the car and headed to Jackson South Family Hospital in Miami. But things took a turn for the worst when another vehicle turned out in front of them, slamming into the family's car, the Miami Herald reports.

The expectant mom fell unconscious after her head struck the windshield. “After that, I don’t remember too much,” she told the Herald.

Betty Horne, a gastroenterologist technician, was driving behind Stanley's car when she witnessed the accident. After hearing the father-to-be yell that his fiancé was "having a baby," Horne took a towel from her car and immediately ran over to help deliver the first twin, Antavian II.

"The baby was not crying,” Horne told TODAY. “So I took my index finger and I swiped the baby’s mouth, and he started crying. And I said, ‘Cry, baby, cry.’"

Medics arrived shortly after and the family was rushed to the hospital where doctors delivered the second twin, Antavian III.

Antavian II still receiving antibiotics at the hospital just to "prevent complications" from his unconventional birth. Mom, dad, and babies are all doing just fine.

“Somebody was praying for us that day,” Stanley told NBC. “I'm so happy that I got to bring my babies into this world.”

As for Horne, Stanely and Milton said that she was a blessing. Mom has asked her to be Antavian II's Godmother.

For the full story, click over to the Miami Herald.



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