09/25/2013 10:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Signs You Should Put Down The Clothes And Get Out Of The Dressing Room

You all know the moment -- the moment you tug at the dress, examine yourself from the side, check the price tag for the hundredth time and squint to block out the dressing room glare. "You know what," you say to yourself, "it might just work."

But it probably won't. Ladies, it's time to stop feeding ourselves on lies in those poorly lit, claustrophobic boxes of anxiety. If you hear yourself saying any of these sentences, you should just drop the clothes and get out of the dressing room.

Herewith, 13 things women need to stop saying in the fitting room.

"Well, it's on sale..." Buying something just because it seems relatively cheap doesn't guarantee that you'll actually like having it in your closet.

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"It will shrink." You don't know that. Don't gamble with your dryer.

"It will stretch." But if it doesn't? You're left with clothes that don't fit and make you feel bad about yourself.

"If I buy two more pairs, I'll get the five-for-$25 deal." Buying extra things just to get a deal is not a good deal. Buy exactly as many items as you actually want and no more.


"If I just pull a little here and adjust it here..." If you are already tugging at the hem or adjusting the straps in the dressing room, imagine how annoying it will be when you're actually wearing it in the real world.

"If I just wear a different bra..." Sure, certain bras make your boobs fit under certain garments better. But realistically, you've got one bra you wear all the time. If your clothes don't work with Old Faithful, you won't end up wearing them.


"I'm not sure what I'd wear it with." Can't think of at least three different outfits you could pair the item with? Don't buy it.

"It will totally work if I just get those pants... and that jacket... and that statement necklace..." If the clothing item in question will require you to purchase additional items for it to look good, it's no good.

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"It just needs to be tailored." Which costs extra money... and time... and effort you may just be too lazy to exert.

"Where am I ever going to wear this?" This is code for: I am never going to wear this.

"I can totally afford it if I, like, just have ramen for a week." If you need to rationalize how you'll pay for it, that's a bad sign. No dress is worth ramen.

shopping dressing room

"It will totally fit if I lose five pounds." This is just a recipe for disaster.

"The tag says it's dry-clean only." Call us lazy, but we will go to great lengths to avoid garments that are dry-clean only. It's just common sense.

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