09/26/2013 08:37 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2013

Bill Clinton: 'I Used To Worry CNN Was Going To Lose Too Many Viewers' (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton opined to Piers Morgan on Wednesday that CNN has become "more entertaining" recently.

Clinton appeared for the hour on Morgan's show. At one point, the two began discussing the media, and Clinton said he was worried about polarization on the air.

"I used to worry CNN was going to lose too many viewers," Clinton said. "Have no fear of that, Mr. President," Morgan interrupted. "We are storming ahead."

"You’re doing better but you’re more entertaining now, which is good," Clinton replied, drawing laughter. "But you became more entertaining without becoming more extreme, which is important."

He did not elaborate, though it could be assumed he was referring to CNN leader Jeff Zucker's stated aim to "broaden the definition of news" on the network.

Clinton also began mentioning MSNBC, which he once called "our version of Fox," but Morgan cut him off.

"We don’t mention that in this room," he said. "Sorry."

(Via Washington Free Beacon)



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