09/26/2013 04:38 am ET Updated Sep 26, 2013

Blake Shelton Gets Fresh With Jimmy Fallon, 'Fires' His Mom Over Embarrassing High School Picture (VIDEO)

Adam Levine might get jealous if Blake Shelton keeps up with antics like he displayed during his visit to "Late Night." When "The Voice" coach came out, he grabbed onto Jimmy Fallon and started swaying with him ... then he grabbed Fallon's butt. But Fallon got Shelton back in a big way with big hair.

"We had to call your mom and get this," Fallon said, showing what looked like a high school glamour shot. In the pic, Shelton had long hair and a cowboy hat and looked absolutely ridiculous.

“She’s fired," Shelton said. "No, I’m firing my mom.”

He did say that he picked up "a couple of girls with that hair," but Fallon wasn't buying it for a second. Of course, Shelton doesn't need to pick up girls anymore -- maybe that's why he cut it off -- as he's married to fellow country star Miranda Lambert.

Things are going well for Shelton all around, actually. "The Voice" just won an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition, which is something its on-air competition, "American Idol," hasn't been able to do. Shelton said he wasn't sure if he'd get his own Emmy, but he did make his own trophies, representing his three wins on "The Voice." He's using those to try and convince contestants this season to join his team.

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