09/26/2013 08:32 am ET

Daniel Day-Lewis' James Bond Role May Happen If Author Gets His Way


The latest James Bond book, "Solo" just hit shelves this week, but the novel's author already has an idea of who he would like to play the famed spy.

William Boyd, who penned the latest book in the original series from late British author Ian Fleming, recently spoke to The Independent about "Solo" and his pick for a new Bond.

“If there was going to be an actor to play my James Bond, I’d choose another actor who’s been in a film of mine and who is also called Daniel," Boyd told the publication. “Daniel Day-Lewis actually resembles the Bond that Fleming describes."

Boyd, who was referencing current James Bond actor Daniel Craig, previously worked with Day-Lewis on the 1988 film, "Stars and Bars."

"He was a tall, lean, rangy, very dark-haired good-looking man," Boyd continued. "There’s a sense that image is what he saw his Bond looking like."

While Day-Lewis has not expressed any interest in the role, after his Oscar-winning portrayal of former President Abraham Lincoln in 2012's "Lincoln," he announced that he was looking to take some time off from acting, saying that he needed a break "for a couple of years."

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